Run Sixty Two 

That’s my getting around town bike, I bought it about 5 years ago second hand for maybe 50€ and I have to say it has really served me well. I haven’t used it much this year, but since moving I have used it basically everyday for my commute and have logged over 100km since the first of July! Pretty good complimentary activity to running especially as I have a nice hill to get up and down everyday. Ran 15k today and biked about 8k.

Passed a man walking his dog smoking a pipe  (the man had the pipe, the dog was more of an after dinner cigar and brandy type), I immediately thought of my dad; he was a pipe smoker. Always love the smell of pipe tobacco, when I was still living in the US I would buy a pouch of his old brand (borcum riff or some such name) and put a little in the ashtray of my jeep. A nice way to remember him and make the truck smell nice. 

It’s been an otherwise pleasant Sunday, spent the afternoon at a nearby lake and though I never actually got in the water it was fun to be out and in the shade with a nice breeze rather than stuck in my hot (of course) non air-conditioned apartment. Lots of families out for a picnic lunch and a cooling dip.

Hope you’ve had a great Sunday and the week ahead has plenty of opportunities for getting out!!  🙂

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