Run Sixty Three

Happy quatorze juillet!!! Nobody in France calls it Bastille Day, for some reason that’s only an English language thing. 😉 

To celebrate, I decided to storm our own Bastille which is the name of a fortress near the top of the mountain that I run up all the time. I took a different trail which started in my new neighbourhood and basically climbs steeply and “biggly” all the way to the official peak Mt Rachais. 

This was a road I wasn’t families with and all I can is that I am amazed at the number of houses  that must fetch well into seven figures; I didn’t take any pictures of them this time, but my jaw kept dropping.

For those who know the trails, I went up by Corenc all the way to Rachais, then down to Clemenciere, where Kiri and Jean-Marc passed me on the main road in their car. We stopped to chat for a few minutes and planned on meeting later to see the fireworks if the rain holds off. Then I found my way to another trail that goes from Lachal back up to Mt Jalla, where I circled the WWII memorial and down to the pere gras restaurant then took the paved road down to La Tronche and the final 3k uphill push back home. Ooof!

I thought of you, @slowrunnergirl, when I saw this mysterious cave like opening in the rocks. I have no intention in trying to climb in and see what’s there though!! Haha. 

In the background is the Dent de Crolles, haven’t been up there in a long time but I should get back there for a nice run.

Lots of great signage everywhere on the trails!

Run, run, RUN!!!! 

A bit overcast at this point, but the sun is trying to get out now! Temperature has dropped dramatically from the weekend though which is great.

For some reason my phone decided to end my run at just under 15k. No idea why, but fortunately I heard it and was able to start it back up immediately. Totalled 21.74 kms / 13.50 miles with 1,362 meters / 4,468 feet climbed. A great run! 

Obligatory goofy selfie! Treated myself to a banana, pineapple, cherry and almond milk smoothie followed by an avocado and tomato sandwich. Yum!! 

The elevation chart that got cut in two thanks to my app shutting down.

It was pretty casual at work this week as we only had three days. Clearly not worried about these tests I have to do!! Love my Mickey Mouse shoes, who says you have to grow up!? Might go for a run ever day, thrs-sun as it’s a holiday..why not! 


17 thoughts on “Run Sixty Three

  1. Fantastic run! Thanks for mentioning the elevation in meters 😀 makes it still unattainable, but now I can imagine it!
    The cave looks cool! How big is the entry? Maybe you get lucky and others have YouTubed it like my cave!
    Re go pro: once you found you like it, why not just add a donation PayPal button to your blog? If people really want to see your runs they might be willing to help you get one, at least to some degree. You run in a fantastic location, you can’t just keep it all to yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This one was actually too small to get into, but in the past I have gone a few meters into some random caves. Never ventured very far as I don’t have proper gear.
      Might have to try your idea of the donations! Wow, internet is amazing.

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  2. Holy cow, what a climb! Absolutely beautiful scenery as usual!! Diggin’ the shoes!! I have a Go Pro and they’re quite fun, although sometimes hard to run with. Somewhere on my blog, maybe under video category or vlog category, I posted part of a run from Maui. Super great when you want to remember beautiful scenery.

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      1. With the head strap, I can only run with it for about an hour, then it starts annoying me. I actually got a selfie stick to run with which someone recommended, but I have yet to try that one. Don’t even try the chest strap… too bouncy and the running arms and hands get in the way of camera view. 😀 But yes! Get a Go Pro!! It’s so cool! You can control it from the app from your phone!! So you can go set it up on the beach on its tripod, step back, and record the tide and the waves coming in without even getting wet! And it’s great on bikes! I have a video yet to process from a bike ride, but it was fabulous! (okay, sorry I’m so wordy, lol)

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