Run Sixty Four

Pedal to the metal speed run this morning! The temperature was very cool with a little wind and the sky was clear and blue. My legs were sore as heck from yesterday’s mountain run but I managed to get out the door and bike to the park and do 10k.

Ran my fourth fastest for the distance! 1 second per minute behind the third best time. One second! Oh là là! 

Didn’t take any pictures during the run but stopped on the bike on my way home for one.

This is a view I will take many pictures of in different seasons as the change can be quite dramatic with snow. 

Didn’t end up going out last night to watch the fireworks, it was too cold, damp and windy. Woke up to the news of yet another terrorist attack in France, this time in the beautiful town of Nice. At leat 84 dead. 

I am sick of this shit. 

8 thoughts on “Run Sixty Four

      1. I have some theories, not conspiracy theories, but I don’t think it’s proper to discuss it here… I was born and raised in a multicultural country, with different levels of cultural advances, such problem happens many times before. Hopefully it’ll never recur…

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  1. It’s so sad that we can’t all just get along. At least as runners (even at my slow pace) it gives us a means of releasing mental turmoil. I’m certain I’m a calmer person since I started running.

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