Run Sixty Five 

Some days you just run for the love of running; no particular objective, just to find a nice and easy rythm and go with the flow. 

Temperatures are going to reach 38C, 100F, today so I am glad I got out early. I hit the trail around 7:30 and, thankfully, was in the shade most of the time.

Ran a slow 15k along the river trail just enjoying the view and plodding on.

Spottedthetrolley yesterday!!

And one more!!

It counts too, right!?  🙂

Yeah, I read The Economist, I am such an intellectual! 

Captured this beautiful shot of the full moon just over adjacent mountain range (Belledonne), view from my balcony!

15 thoughts on “Run Sixty Five 

  1. ooh i need to look for that article! what i can read from here, looks interesting… and easy reading… i don’t know much about all this but am keen to learn.
    Hasn’t it been hot… i really am not complaining, as a Capetonian, living in England, i miss the sun and big blue skies a LOT! but sheesh, its just been too hot to venture outside for a walk, let alone a run!
    Work gets in the way of fun too as i start work at 06h30 (flexi – so that i can go home early).

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      1. Ahhhh yes! Aircon… My office is FREEZING! My car has gorgeous Aircon too but home is reliant on the breeze…
        Last year I was in Paris for work during the heatwave… I kid you not it was 46°C for like three days…. It nearly killed me!!! 😂

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  2. As a new runner who hates early mornings I am struggling in this heat. I applaud your early start, and really need to learn to do likewise. Great photographs!


  3. Loving all the trolleys! I think they really, really like you! Is 38 normal for this time of the year for you or is it a bit of a heatwave? It’s going to be about 27 here today and I am none to pleased, but thankfully it will rain tomorrow. Yay for rain! 😀

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