Book 29

Café Zambèze.

Soren Jensen. 


An odd little book. Again. I keep picking out these quirky looking stories that end up going nowhere. Not sure what it was that made me buy it, the  crazy looking  cover maybe?? I mean who can resist a fish head in a wine glass? Not me, apparently. 

Like Syssiphus, I push my bolder up the mountain again and again with these bizarre stories. The author received the best first novel prize in Denmark for this book which kinda makes me scratch my head wondering how obtuse the competition was. Maybe something critical was lost in the translation from Danish to French. I don’t know. I finished it several days ago and have been struggling about what to say, how to describe it…anything.

Instead I got a beer. Popped in a jazz CD. Opened the windows and breathed in some fresh air. 

Not doing well with this project. Seriously need to pick better books.

Next stop: amazon…

12 thoughts on “Book 29

  1. I tried listening to Phil Maffetone’s podcasts while running… I didn’t hear a single word… I have realised that I must totally blank out? I even ‘listen’ to Usher FGS (my kid nearly fainted when went through my playlist) and I can swear to you that I’ve never actually ‘heard’ him lol!

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