Run Sixty Six

It’s funny seeing corn in France as it’s not a very important crop, unlike in the US where it’s everywhere and in everything. I miss it though in a childhood nostalgia kind of way. For several years I lived on Kent Island in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay which (looking back) was this amazing place as it combined farmland and sea. I could look out over the cornfields and see the beautiful bay waters. I could get steamed crabs and corn on the cob without leaving my street! How sweet it was to live on Love Point Rd. πŸ™‚ queue All Those Years Ago by George Harrison. 
10K along the river at a snails pace but happy as a clam. 

Have a happy week everybody, one more to go and I reach my 1000k goal for the year. Not sure what to do after that.


12 thoughts on “Run Sixty Six

  1. Wow!!! 1000km already? *bows*
    Missing ‘home’ can be hard! I miss my Cape Town beaches, Cape wine and good old FRESH FISH!!!! Cape lobster…. Omg I’d sell my body for that *lolololol*

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