Run Sixty Seven 

And there it is!! The view from the “official” 1,000 km mark!

YTD: 1,006 kms run AND 30,000 meters climbed!! In ‘merican, that’s 625 miles run and 98,000 feet climbed!! 

Can I get a “woohoo”!?


Here’s yet another trolley I passed a couple of times this week for my #spottedthetrolley 😉

…and some random other #spottedwackystuff good for some giggles!! So, I found Nemo and some random naughtiness…

I challenge you to find “turbo ass cock” at your local market!!! 

Happy days! 

22 thoughts on “Run Sixty Seven 

  1. Turbo ass cock… very very interesting… where am I going to find some turbo ass cock… I’ll have to see if there’s a French specialty store around here anywhere to see if they sell turbo ass cock… (hahahaha, sorry, it’s just too funny, I have to keep repeating it, :D) Beautiful mountain view you have, not to mention, wow, one heck of a climb to get there!!

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    1. It cracks me up too! I keep texting friends that I am on my couch stuffing my mouth with turbo ass cock!!!!!! So, it’s a large size (that’s what she said) container of ASSorted COCKtail snacks; pretzels and crackers. The shortening of the words is just magic. Turbo ass cock.

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  2. WooooHOoooWOWWEEEEEE!! Awesome!!!
    ONG! TurboAssCock!!!!! I nearly spat my G&T out!!!! In fact it flimsy came through my NOSE!!!! Soooo funny!!!!
    The view is awesome!!! Loving the new # 👍🏻😂😘

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