Run Sixty Nine

Today was a fast run so I couldn’t stop for pictures. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge. This picture is pretty good though.

10K along the river, average speed just over 11km/hr temperature a little bit cooler as we had a nice storm roll through the area last night.

Monthly totals: 176km run! AND 5,600 meters climbed!! Woot! 

So, now that I passed my original objective of 1,000k for the year I have been thinking about what to do next. Basically, I have decided to maintain my current rythm of about 150k per month to reach (and pass) the 1,000 mile mark which works out to 1,600k. In addition I aim to reach 50,000 meters climbed by year end. 

AND…I am biking! 250k for July. August I am going all out on the road bike (pictures to come of my Bianchi!). Not sure what objective to shoot for in terms of numbers, that’s not too important to begin, for now it’s about a more balanced work out. Which leads me to the next step!

HIIT workouts are reappearing in my routine starting tomorrow! Yay!! I need to work on core strength to improve as a runner. I used to do a good hiit workout when I first wanted to loose weight and it was great but as I got more and more into running I shifted away from it. Now I am coming back to it strictly for strength, not weight loss! 

Overly ambitious!? ABSOLUTELY!!! 

Runners pet peeve:

Gentlemen, when you are out running in the summer please keep your shirts on. With all of the technical running gear we have today you can not use the excuse that’s it’s too hot. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU RUNNING TOPLESS! NOBODY!!! πŸ™ˆπŸ–“πŸ’€πŸ‘•

 Happy Sunday! πŸ€—


7 thoughts on “Run Sixty Nine

    1. In the beginning I am going to use the same routine I used in the past as it was fairly easy but it will evolve and become more difficult with time. I got the original workout from an article and I know I have the diagrams of it in a folder somewhere so I can put in my next post.
      And for the shirtless runners OMG please stop! Lol.

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