Bike and HIIT

That’s my beautiful Bianchi!! Went for a very scenic 20k ride leaving from my place and going straight up. Up! 750 meters up through some steep winding roads with breathtaking views. I only got a couple of pictures as it’s a bit complicated to pedal and take pictures at the same time!

I also finally reintegrated a HIIT routine to my workout. It’s a fairly easy one but I will tweak it as I go. As my legs already get a lot of work from running I can switch some exercises and focus more on the core. Work in progress!

I only did one set of 30 seconds to 15 seconds rest, not too intense for the first week need to gradually build up the time and reps. Number 11 was hard. *hard*

Hmmm…time for a nap and then some reading!! Best kind of Monday!! 

16 thoughts on “Bike and HIIT

    1. I didn’t bike for a long time but at the beginning of July I moved out from the center of town to a village a few kms away and started biking again to get to and from work. Now I am on vacation and decided that I should use my road bike again and do more cross training. I have two bikes, one for going around town and the bianchi that’s a very nice road bike I got for my 40th birthday. I am going to mix biking running and HIIT to get a more complete workout. I love the color too “celeste” I think it’s called. πŸ™‚


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