Run Seventy

70th run of the year! 100th blog post!!  And a new half marathon PB!!!! Still just shy of breaking the 2 hour mark, but in a race environment I would totally nail it! A great run, perfect weather and a couple smiles returned from other runners; how perfect is that!?

Pretty happy to have reached 100 posts as well, wasn’t too sure how it would all work out when I started the blog at the end of last year…but it is rockin’! Thanks to all my blogoshpere friends!! Folks have visited my site from 31 different countries! So a big shout out to all of you!!!

Back on the bike tomorrow for a nice long ride, can’t wait! 

More stretching and a “power nap” for me! πŸ˜‰ 

5 thoughts on “Run Seventy

  1. Love those power naps, especially after a long run!! Congrats on your time! I think that is wonderful!! And you’re right… in a race setting, you’d nail it! Sounds like it’s time to sign up for one!! πŸ˜€
    And what do you think… is the XT with the bike helping your runs, or vice versa? Climbing those hills, I would imagine your quads are quite strong!

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    1. I think the running and biking really work well together. I was pretty surprised at how “easily” I climbed the mountain yesterday on my bike. The mountain running has definitely improved my speed on the road runs. And I think the HIIT is going to be a great help too as far as overall conditioning goes. In any case I am having so much this vacation!!
      Power naps RULE!!
      Yeah, I should do a better job of signing up for races! πŸ™‚
      For some reason I just want ice-cream!!!

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