Run Seventy One 

Great day for a mountain run! I took a couple of days off to recuperate from my busy staycation activities. On Thursday I went to a lake with some friends, wasn’t the hottest day but the water was nice. 

There’s a cute little vineyard just across from us, it’s in the savoie region which produces a fair amount of white wine; it’s not the greatest stuff in the country but perfect with a fondue in the winter.

Did very little yesterday just some organising around the house and lounging about.

So I was well rested and ready to go for a challenging run in the hills. Got some great pictures!

There’s a nice fixer upper with mountain view. Just needs some TLC. 

There was some climbing involved and at times some walking. 

Totalled 24k with 1,600 some meters climbed!!

Cute village shot. Not too far from where I live. 

And finally, I saved the best for last! Going to a virtual blogaversery tomorrow and her is my custom made party hat!!

Thanks to ceejaykayfit  for the awesome Bianchi themed party hat!!! 🙂 

10 thoughts on “Run Seventy One 

  1. OMG i need that fixer upper! It is our dream to buy a wonderful ruin in France and fix it up… that is just beautiful!!!!! your pics are stunning B!!! and phwoar, well done on the run!
    *smiles* LOVE that you love your hat 🙂

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