Run Seventy Two

The weather looks iffy today, chance of rain and very humid but I got myself out the door around 9ish and just felt a few drops here and there. Heavier rain may come later. 

Felt great running. Did what’s become my short run, 10k along the river it’s flat and the scenery is beautiful. I didn’t want to stop to take pictures as my average speed was over 11 kph I like to just stay in that zone and let my legs carry me away. And then I saw a beagle. Well I just had to stop and scratch his ears and tell him what a good boy he is! His humans looked at me kinda funny but I get that a lot. 😉 I do love me some beagles! 

On the way home I stopped at the post office to pick up the fourth of my five book order from amazon. It was definitely too think to fit in the mail slot. 400 pages! Why did I not pay attention to that detail? Ah well plenty of time to read this month! It was fun trying to pedal and hold on to the book at the same time  (I generally bike to and from the starting point of my run). 

Overall it’s a good staycation Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Run Seventy Two

    1. In the US I had a couple beagles so I knew all the other beagles and beagle owners in the neighbourhood. It was just normal to stop and say hi, in france not so much people are always shocked or surprised if you pet their dog. Just a different social norm I guess. Ah well, I will keep trying! 🙂


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