Run Seventy Three 

Super duper Thursday mountain run! I will admit that I had some high hopes of reaching a certain peak in the mountains that’s at about 1,300 meters altitude. Looked up the route the night before and thought to myself “self, you can do this! No problem”, ha! I set out with the GPS on for turn by turn directions and ended up on closed off trails TWICE. 

Not sure what the deal was there but no getting through so I back tracked to a three way fork in the road and chose the second path which ended up on someone’s property with several signs warning everyone that they had no business going this way. Back to the fork! This trail was clearly marked with an X on a tree meaning you shouldn’t go this way. Hmm, what to do!? I didn’t want to just give up and go back the way I came so I just shrugged my shoulder in a very french manner and said I don’t care. After a couple hundred meters through dense wood I came across this and thought of SRG and her cave adventure on the beach in Ireland. 

I wearily peaked in but was glad to see it was just empty! Kind of creepy though being on a trail I shouldn’t be on and not having seen anyone on any of the trails thus far…so, a little further down the path I saw this and thought, uh-oh things are getting crazy!

Basically says to all those who enter here all hope is lost! Well, of course I had to look inside with a sign like that! …and what I saw has left me a shattered shell of a man, my world view has been altered forever and I may need professional therapy for the rest of my life! Mwahahaha!!! 

No, not really just some random farm machinery. 😉 

I carried on and the atmosphere became decidedly much less macabre, came across the cute little vineyard with a B&B, got a smile and a wave from a friendly lady walking her basset hound.

Got some nice views once I made it to a clearing.


Took a selfie.

Have to admit that getting lost around here is pretty nice! I will find the right path next time to get up to the top of the mountain, but in any case what a beautiful run!!

15k with 837 meters climbed. Yes, that was one STEEP passage from km 4 to km 6! Definitely did some walking there. 

Fun day! 🙂 


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