Run Seventy Four

Got out for a 10k along the river this afternoon, not too hot but there wasn’t a lot of shade so the sun kind of drained my energy. 

I can remember many years ago my mom telling me not to go to the supermarket when you’re hungry; what would be the adage for not going to Decathlon  (a sporting goods store of epic dimensions in europe) ? Don’t go to decathlon on a payday? Well, I did go because I needed some bits and pieces to fix the front brakes on my commuter bike. As I am fond of browsing the aisles, I thought why not have a look around? What danger could be lurking in the running accessories section?? I mean really!? 😆 

I got a sports watch!! Have wanted one for a long time but kept putting it off as it wasn’t the most urgent need in my life; just an OMG I WANT IT kind of thing.

The great thing about this shop is they develop a lot of their own products and sell it under their brand names, so basically I got a store brand version of a garmin for 60€! Geonaute on move 200 for those of you in the know. Had to take it out for a spin! Very nifty, I know it’s on the basic end of the spectrum of watches but it has GPS and records time, distance, speed and altitude! Everything I need, so I am very happy!! 

I remember a few weeks back Gareth gave us some technical support for how to successfully avoid stepping on jellyfish on the beach. I thought I would make my contribution to this theme as I run on a trail that is frequented by the horse crowd. 😉

Very important to work on your slalom skills, strong ankles are a plus as well and of course focus; NEVER take your eyes off the poo! 😂 

Oh lordy, don’t know why anybody reads this silly blog! 

Anyway, another great day in the life of yours truly happy as a clam with my super watch, got out on the bike (with one break) ran 10k AND it’s Friday so that means pizza night (with a darn good rosé to boot)!

Taking a breather after the run! Love all the neon! TGIF y’all, have a great rest of the day! 

11 thoughts on “Run Seventy Four

  1. What a great buy that watch was! I was bought a Garmin for a birthday gift and I know it cost much more than that. The Decathlon stopwatch I had came with a heart rate monitor (not that I ever used it) and cost next to nothing.
    I hope you enjoyed your pizza and rose. You earned them!

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