Book 32

Man Tiger.

Eka Kurniawan.


The third of my five SEAsian book series and any book we be in difficult situation to follow up the first two which were both awesome. Having said that, it was a good book very well written and a good read.  

Now that I have read several books that can be described as “magic realism”, I must admit it’s not my favourite genre. The author kept me interested mainly because I kept expecting more, the story was supposed to be about this “man tiger” but except for one passage early in the book we never see the tiger appear again. The main character apparently has a female Tiger living inside of him, I was expecting some pretty ferocious action to take place, some kind of tormented soul trying to come to grips with jekle and hide personality, a psychological thriller of sorts. Never happened. 

I still liked the book, it just didn’t come close to living up to the blurbs on the cover. 

The last two books were five stars out of five, this one is about a three. 

Next stop: Sri Lanka! (400 page might take a while to finish!). 


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