Run Seventy Five

The temperature has been pretty hot the last couple of days so that’s my excuse for not getting out and running. Last night I set my alarm for 7am to make sure I got up and out early. Alarm went of at 7 and I jumped out of bed, um, at 8! So lazy. Eventually got on my bike and pedalled to my usual starting point along the river. Started just before 9. Wow 2 hours from wake me up to go go time. 

Once I got there it was great, of course! Ran about 15k in an hour and a half, tried to take a picture of my new watch but the glare from the sun makes it difficult to read the screen. Anyhoo, it’s a cool watch and I’m having fun figuring it out.

Today is a holiday in France so there are lots of people out running and biking, it’s nice to get a wave and  or smile returned! 😀

16 thoughts on “Run Seventy Five

  1. ooooh NICE WATCH! love the screen reading! ahhh to have a blue sky! enjoy enjoy!!! think of me starting work at 06h30 everyday! *lol* i leave home at 05h45… but yes, thats so that i can get home early, i have the pleasure of flexi time and i LOVE it… i am lucky i am a morning person too…


      1. *lololol* yesss you caaaaan! its when the MAGIC happens. Everything is starting to wake up and stretch… the birds are chirping and the sun is trying to rise… its so quiet, peaceful and yeah magical… its even better when there is a little bit of dew glistening on the grass… *lol* ok, i will stop… but i swear, NOTHING is better!

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  2. I love all the data pictures! Super easy interface it appears! Hey, good job getting up and out even if it did take 2 hours! I’m a master procrastinator on the weekends so I totally understand! Does your new watch clock your bike rides too?


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