Run Seventy Six

I like to run in the summer rain. It’s a nice way to clear your mind and feel refreshed. This morning was perfect for that! I was pretty wet just from the bike ride to get to the starting point but I had my rain gear and a smile on so I headed out happy to stretch my legs a bit.

Ran 15k in pretty good time, only stopping a couple times for pictures and once to retie my shoe laces. Planning a  big  mountain run for monday, not sure what the total climb will be but I am hoping for a little over 1,500 meters. 

One thing I liked about my run today is that I “disconnected” myself from my phone; no music, and no updates every km telling me my distance, speed and pace. I have my watch now that I can glance at as I like. I think I felt more relaxed as a result. Just let my body settle into a rythm and it worked out great.

Spotted someone fishing in the river. Never noticed anyone fly fishing in the IsΓ¨re before, so not really sure how great it is, but good for him getting out there and just doing it! 

A couple months ago I challenged myself to give up coffee for a month and survived 5 weeks with no problem. I’m back to drinking coffee again but only one cup in the morning and that’s it. 

My new thing is to do a 30 day alcohol free challenge!! I will admit I like a drink. Most days I have one. Or two. Generally beer or wine. Or both. So I think it’s a good idea to give it a rest. πŸ˜€ 

Last night I was at a BBQ with several friends and bottles of rosΓ© were popping open every couple of minutes and I wasn’t even tempted! Drank sparkling water all night and had a great time; it was only day 3, but woohoo nonetheless! 

#spottedthebird gotta love a monster sized rooster statue! 

This humongous tree was in the garden it must be at least 400 years OLD! Probably take five people to wrap around it. Pretty awesome! 

So here’s to great running and even greater resolutions!!! 🌞


11 thoughts on “Run Seventy Six

  1. oh gosh Monday sounds like an awesome adventure! I love my PolarM400… i am not sure what i would do if something happened to it… the new ones don’t seem to have as good a report backs… Hmmm… anyhow, that tree is EPIC! WOW!!!!
    I don’t drink much all at all… it just doesn’t agree with me, i have been in hospital twice with alc poisoning *lol* i SWEAR and i didn’t drink much, well, not like as much as everyone else, so i just stay away now or have one…

    Chuckling to myself about the LARGE ermmm ‘rooster’… haha haaaaaa ha haaaaa… but for the sake of keeping it clean, i won’t ‘go there’!

    Happy weekend… GREAT workout!

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  2. Playing catch up today. I hope your challenges are going well. I rarely drink coffee but I do like a beer or wine (but we have reduced to 2 or 3 days a week now) and can’t imagine giving them up 😞


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