Run Seventy eight

A nice recovery run today to get over Monday’s fantastic 2,100 meter climb! 

I took it slow and ran 10k along the river, I kept my pace down by only breathing through my nose the whole time. Good technique I picked up on slowrunnergirl ‘s blog. 

No climbing. No getting lost. Just a nice jaunt by the water!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who clicked on and or commented on my guest blogger post from yesterday!! Thank you all so much. Meghan was so excited to see people from all over the world read her very first blog post! 🙂 

As a result my sister has warned me that I have created a monster! 😆 Meghan is hard at work writing about all of the books she read over the summer! I have to tell you this just puts the biggest smile on my face! Love it!! I look forward to putting those up soon. We may even have to get her own blog up! 

I hope you all have a chance to read a good book or two over the summer! 


12 thoughts on “Run Seventy eight

  1. I think she needs to create a book advise blog for kids or area on your blog at first. She seems to have the right judgement 😀 and I just love her attitude! I remember how hard it was for me to find new books to read way back when …

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    1. Yeah I need to see if there is a way to just have a page for her on my site. At least at first. I also worry about kids safety on the Internet but this type of blog world seems OK.
      Did you ever read the famous five? I just sent her a message to see if she knows them. Very old by today’s standards but I remember loving that series so much when I was around her age.

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  2. That slow recovery run still looks pretty darn fast to a novice like me! The photos are very pretty but I am missing the trolley.
    Meghan should definitely have a page on your site! Has she read any of the Enid Blyton ‘St Clares’ series? I unsuccessfully campaigned to go to boarding school after reading these 😃.

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    1. Too funny, I sent a message earlier today to see if she knew the famous five from Enid Blyton. Hopefully she can find some of these at her local library.
      I haven’t spotted a trolley since moving from the city center to my current place. Sad about that! Will have to go trolley hunting soon! 🙂

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