Guest Blogger Meghan!

Uncle Poopy Head here with the second of a new series of posts on my blog by my niece Meghan. Her first post recorded the most views I have received on this site! A star is born! 

Hi Uncle Poopy Head! I have another good book today! It is called Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. I think this is good for girls and boys because it is silly and it is so good. It is a bunch of short stories that has strange kids doing silly things! 

Each story is named after someone.  For example in the chapter John he is the smartest kid in the class but he can only read words up side down. I think I would recommend this book for 6 to 10 year olds. Kids that can’t read by themselves yet their parents can read it to them and you and your parents will get a good laugh out of it. it has lots of silly stories. it is a good book so please read it. 

One of Emma’s (Meghan’s sister)  6th grade teachers says that it’s the scariest book and made her scared of apples. You’ll have to read it to find out why, but kids will just find it funny! They may even start bringing apples for their teachers. 😉

Make sure you don’t eat any apples from your students Uncle Poopy Head. hehehee


love meghan*B-) cool

Uncle Poopy Head, I picked a book just for you! It’s to help you learn French and how to make friends. Maybe you’ll make a friend now. 😉 this book is called A Friend is “Amie” by Charlotte Steiner. This book isn’t a chapter book, it’s a storybook. It’s a story about two girls named Milly and Lili. Milli is from Harris and Lili is from Paris, Lili moves to Harris. They started to play together, but Lili only speaks French. By playing together the girls teach each other their languages. I like this book, because it teaches me French words. Someday I would like to live in Paris, so I will be able to speak in French.  This book is good for anyone who wants to learn French, even my brother who is realy old could read this book!  


I recommeded Diary of a Wimpy Kid as a book that might be good for boys. I just finished reading  Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever. These are my brothers favorite books,  he’s crazy just like Greg. Greg is the main character of the books, he gets into a lot of trouble. He has a best friend named Rowley. I think if you like Dork Diaries you would like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 

Uncle Poopy Head, you might actually like these books, because they’re  silly and he gets into a lot of troube. It might remind you of when you were a kid, a long long long long long time ago.


Well, I think I have some reading to do! I better find out more about those apples before any students bring me some! Thank you for the great reviews Meghan we look forward to more. Keep reading! 

Quack quack! 


11 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Meghan!

  1. She is going to be out blogging you soon!
    I’m reading ‘ In the shadow of the banyan’ which you recommended a while back and enjoying it so far. Thanks, I wouldn’t have found it without your blog 😃

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  2. To Uncle Poopyhead: Great niece you have there!

    To Meghan: You did a fabulous job with your reviews! So much so that I’m going to go to the library this afternoon to see if they carry Sideways Stories! I love a silly book! I might even let my child read it after me, haha! Keep up the good work, Meghan!! I enjoy your posts!! 🙂

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  3. I wondered why I read this … I’m an adult … the conclusion is that it gives me hope for the next generation! Girls like her will rule the world and all will be ok.
    I also laughed out loud on public transport while reading it … she’s got it!

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  4. I remember Sideways Stories from when I was…younger. I had forgotten how much I liked it until I read this post. Meghan you have done another great job at reviewing some good books.
    Great job to Uncle Poopyhead for encouraging Meghan. Too often we see people with their noses stuck to a screen. Even if she’s reading these on a screen at least she’s using her brain for something.

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