Run Eighty 

Last mountain run for the month! That’s a look at the final climb to reach the highest point of my run. The air was heavy and humid but the temperature a bit lower than what it’s been for the past several days. 

Jumped over a fallen branch on the way up. It was cleared away by the time I came back down, so kudos to the maintenance crew. 🙂 

Nice mountain view! A little hazy but still love it. 

I am a little crazy granted, but on the way back down the mountain I love doing sprints back UP some of the stairs that run along part of this mountain. This was the biggest section I did out of three.

The week before the world famous UTMB race we have the UT4M in Grenoble. It’s not the big headliner that the Mont Blanc race is, but is just as gruelling! About 160k with I believe 10,000 meters climbed. Any way, one part of the race goes down “my” mountain and through the city. This is as close as I have come to running it!! 😆 

Anyhoo, today’s numbers are 20k run with 1,000 meters climbed and a ROS rate of about 70-75%. Return of smile 😊 I have noticed that in general people are more smiley in the mountain trails than on the flat or road runs. 

Happy trails all!!! 


6 thoughts on “Run Eighty 

  1. OMG! did you climb to the top of THAT peak? *bows in admiration*!!!!
    SUPER cool pics… Next i wanna be in Mont Blanc to WATCH the race… i think its THE most amazing race EVER… well, that and the MIUT 🙂
    Kewl run… wow you are seriously inspiring me!

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