Run Eighty One

OK, yesterday was supposed to be the last mountain run of the month but what are you supposed to do when a mountain goat knocks on your door and eagerly asks if you would like to run up a mountain!? Well, you just put your shoes on and go man!! 

We ran the first several hundred meters on paved surface immediately going up then worked our way zig zagging through a lovely forest path (all the while climbing!) 

Friendly mountain goat! My neighbour and friend who is very sporty and loves a good trail run.

The trail was very steep at times and I am surprised that I kept up after yesterday’s longer run, but it was awesome!!

Picture taking is always my favourite part of mountain running, so we stopped a few times.

Fabulous mountains! Having spent most of my life in flat lands in am constantly smiling when I get up above and look down!

Here, someone has set up a BBQ! Talk about a table with a view!! 

In the background is one of the mountains that I climbed last week, and will be back to soon.

Tired? Who, me? What!? Pas du tout!

Wow. It just doesn’t get any better.

Seven kilometers total with 576m climbed. Feeling great! 

Happy trails y’all! 


14 thoughts on “Run Eighty One

  1. Seeee, I missed my chance at getting a nice mountain elevation picture like that, dang it!! Although, speaking of which… nice climbing there! And I’m not seeing a proper trail, so yes I’m thinking you both are of the mountain goat genus! Nice adventure Ben! It looks like you enjoyed! Might I ask… what shoes do you wear when climbing mountains?

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    1. Thanks! Yeah I wish you could have recorded your elevation the other time!! Yeah, we were jumping over branches and crashing through brush all the way up and down.
      I have a brand that isn’t available in the US, it’s made by a French based sports store called Decathlon and both my road and trail shoes are from them. They are called kalenji and this specific model is kiprun trail. I have always been happy with their products. 🙂

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  2. If someone knocked and wanted me to run that I would pretend to be out – even if I hadn’t run the day before. Kudos to you for actually getting out there and doing it. The views make it worth it 🙂

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