Run Eighty Two

Yep. I just couldn’t resist squeezing one more run into the month. This has been a record setting month for me! With today’s 10k my totals for August are: 

209k / 130 miles run

6,952m / 22,800 feet climbed 

Pretty epic month! Feeling great. Cutting alcohol out of my diet for the last two weeks has clearly helped! Being on vacation might have helped as well.

Also biked about 220k, but I am disappointed with that number. Really thought I would get some more 50k rides in but it just didn’t happen.  

On the blog front I want to thank everybody for stopping by; 700 views for August!! I did benefit from the Meghan effect clearly! 

Look at me “animating myself”! 

Yeah. ….yeah…it’s fun animating myself. Gareth? CJ? Bueller?

Alright, I gotta go teach me some English. Be good everybody!

Today’s ROS rate an amazing 7/9 😀😀


15 thoughts on “Run Eighty Two

      1. The fun thing that’s happened several times is bumping into students I had a couple years ago that I haven’t seen since! They are always amazed. One guy exclaimed “you’ve melted!” Lol love it.

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