Run Eighty Three/four

Double run day!! Yes, my new and exciting challenge for September is to take my training up a level! 

This involves two big changes for me, the first involves getting up and out at the crack of dawn which is so not a natural thing. In fact it may be linked to satanism. Or sadism. 

Yeah, the 6:30 am look of total confusion and concern! Some crazy woman told me this was when the magic happens. Eh-hum, CJ that would be YOU! Anyway, I had no way to prove or disprove that statement so I just had to get out there and see if I could. 

Now boys and girls let me just tell you it was phenomenal! I had the streets to my self when I set out. I could cut across intersections, hop on and off sidewalks and generally lay claim to everything I saw.

Red dwarf fans out there?? 😆

The second big challenge is the idea of a double run day. Yeah, crack of dawn 10k followed up with some hill reps in the afternoon or evening. Twice a week. On top of my regular big arse mountain runs on the weekend. 

Sounds good to me!! 

Changed my shirt and got a haircut! Just in time for the evening run. 6.5k of hills, With about 400m of climbing. 

Also did 11k of biking what with going into town for a haircut and stopping at the grocery store on the way home. Always fun trying to balance shopping bags on the bike handles while pedalling uphill. (In the snow! Barefoot!)

All in all a good day in Benland! 

SRG: I will put up the other pictures I mentioned next time. Probably tomorrow. 

Happy Friday! Happy running! Happy trails!

15 thoughts on “Run Eighty Three/four

  1. Yes, sadistic! Or actually masochistic! That term sounds appropriate for that time of day! I need to try the early morning though… geez, I used to be such a morning person when I lived in Arizona. I don’t know what happened to me. It’s the most gorgeous time of the day! Good luck with your double days… ouchie! When do you start school again?


    1. The second run was hard! I will try again in a couple days. The early morning run was really nice…but will I keep doing it??
      Monday I am in full swing again! Had a little bit of work last week but not much. It’s always exciting to start a new year/season. 🙂

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