Run Eighty Six

Up and at ’em! Today’s run was all about the mountain! Pretty good view of Grenoble from above. Sundays are usually a very busy trail day around here, today there was a road bike race that kind of intersected one section of my climb. There is a brief passage where the trail runs alongside a parking lot and that seemed to be the arrival spot for the racers. There is an incredibly difficult road that climbs up to that point, I have done it and boy is it steep! Good luck to them! 

Quickly enough I am back on the beautiful trail. Going  forever up and up. That’s what mountain goats like the most anyway!! 

Some slightly technical passages on this section, and steep! 

Ran for 15k with 1,200 meters climbed.

Ended up biking 15k as well. Had to stop at work to get stuff ready for the big return! 

My landlady’s homemade apple sauce, boy is it good!! She also gave me some apricot jam that she made a couple weeks ago, what a treat!! So lucky. 

Impossible to keep track of the ROS rate too many people and at some point I just stopped trying to wave or smile. Need a special app for that now.  ğŸ˜ƒ

Happy Sunday! Smile!! 😃😃😃


6 thoughts on “Run Eighty Six

  1. WO! how beautiful!!!! ROS? Rate of Smiles? or Really ‘orrrreeebil Swines? *lol*
    ooooh i went to look at a Cannondale today… i am IN LOVE! who knows maybe you will find a ‘CJ Bike blog’ one of these days… will be your fault yunno! *winks*

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