Run Eighty Seven

Headlamp check. Reflective vest check. 5am start time check. Bad attitude at the door! 

Super early bird start today!! Love it! Let’s see if this really becomes a habit. 

I was hoping to get a nice sunrise over the water shot, but I was so early I actually ran 10k AND got back home before the sun came out. Won’t be as rushed tomorrow so I can try to head out a little bit later.

Most of my run looked something like that. Very freaked out at one point when I realised I really was totally alone and isolated. Hopefully I can outrun anything bad! 

Only crossed one other runner on the return leg, he was running in total darkness with no headlamp, no reflective gear and I just don’t know what he was thinking. SMH. 

Thought I might do a double run but honestly I am exhaustipated after over 60k run in the last 4 days and 2000 meters climbed. Today was my first full day back at work, seven teaching hours, and that’s worn me down so I am listening to my body and resting for the evening. 

Shooting for another early run tomorrow! 😃

11 thoughts on “Run Eighty Seven

  1. But I’ll bet it felt nice to come home after a full day and just relax, knowing that your run was successful! Two things make me nervous about running that early… the animals I could encounter and the holes in the road that go unseen.

    Good job getting it done early again! And hope you had a good day back!!

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    1. Yeah, it was great to have a productive day and see lots of people. As far as the animals go I don’t think there’s anything dangerous around here, higher up in the mountains there are wild board and I definitely don’t want to come head to head with one those. Along the river it’s mainly bunny rabbits! I was careful about holes, and fortunately this is a path I run on all the time so I know the terrain…but still good to be extra careful!!
      Could not get out of bed to run this morning. Tomorrow for sure!! 🙂

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