Run Eighty Nine

Hooray for mountain runs! My 8am was cancelled so I took advantage of that to hit my mountain. As part of my cross training I biked to and from a starting point; the base of the mountain obviously. That adds close to 10k worth of biking to the overall workout. 

Started the run at 7:30 and was impressed with how many people I saw on the trail, at least the lower part, towards the top the herd thins considerably. 

Got about 13k run with just over 1,000 m elevation. 

Started a new game today; spot the naked runner!!!

First I #spottedtheshirt and thought that was funny and took picture, why not? But a little later I came across this and got a little concerned!

#spottedtheunderwear …yeah, ewww! Apparently there is a naked runner somewhere in them mountains!! Fortunately I did not see him, but at some point I did hear some suspicious rustling in the shrubbery. Hmmm.

Gotta love it! 

I will not be running this weekend, taking a little trip to Paris to see friends and family. Have a great weekend everybody!! 😊😊😊


10 thoughts on “Run Eighty Nine

  1. Oh I got one of those underwear spotted shots! I feel it should only count if you can’t find the person the clothes belong to. Otherwise it be creepy if I had to take photos of all the underwear ppl leave on the beach while they swim.

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  2. I think I would have been seriously concerned to have found a small trail of clothing. I can’t imagine how it would be running in shrubs and bushy trails (to say nothing of nettles) without clothing buffer.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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