Run Ninety

After a long weekend break in Paris I finally got rested up enough to get back out for a run this morning. Hit the pavement at 6:30 for a 10k and finally snapped a half way decent sunrise; of course the only place I could take the picture was behind the gas station! It was a bit difficult getting out, but so glad I made it. 

So, the interesting news is two fold: first I had an awesome three days in Paris! Absolutely love visiting the city and I have a great place to stay as I have family just on the edge of town. It’s a quick metro ride into the city centre. I wandered the streets with a couple fellow mountain goats from grenoble and was so happy to meet up again with a friend from the US who had a layover in Paris on her way back home from a conference in Helsinki. 

Here’s a fun little video!

We rented bikes! Ate lots of pastries! Went to the musée d’Orsay! Paid about a million dollars for a bottle of coke! Had so much fun!! 

And!!!! This little critter just entered my life! Koko!!!

A painting of the Saint Lazare train station by Monet, I have loved this one.

Now let’s see how often the kitten wakes me up tonight! ☺☺☺


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