Run Ninety One

I don’t know what happened to September, I went away one weekend didn’t run for a week, got sick didn’t run for another week, and in between I adopted a kitten who has, shall we say, a difficult sleep pattern. The month started off strong and with lots of good intentions of kicking it up a level, then wham! not a chance. Oh well, my body probably needed some downtime so let’s just say October is gonna be big. Huuuge even. 

I really needed a long run but I wasn’t sure how my legs would hold up, so as I set out my initial objective was 10k. At the halfway point I decided ahhhh, let’s go for 15. At the new halfway point I said ahhhh, let’s go for 20! So yep, I managed to hobble along the river for 20k. The first 10 not so bad, but as I look at my splits for the second half I keep wondering if I didn’t stop somewhere along the way for a drink or something!! πŸ€”

The weather is spectacular today, no pollution perfect temperature without any humidity and clear blue skies! I biked to and from the starting point so that’s a perfect warm-up/cool down period. 

On a sadder personal note this week saw the passing of the last of my father’s siblings. My dad came from a typical early 20th century Irish American family, yeah they had like a hundred kids back in those days. πŸ˜† Dad was in fact the tenth of eleven children growing up on a large farm in Ellicott City MD and my aunt Betty and he were like two peas in a pod. Trouble makers!! Oh I loved them both so much and it saddens me to no end that the last of the entire clan is gone. I have spent the time since learning of her passing in a bit of a funk, but I catch myself chuckling from time to time as I think about particular memories. Too many to share! Anyway, this is just an opportunity for me to say I loved her and will miss her. Rest in peace aunt Betty. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

As I am spread out on the couch typing this of course the ferocious kitten has plopped down on me! She is very jealous of the smart phone and tries to bite it and knock it out of my hand! 

There’s the ferocious fur ball on the window sill enjoying the morning sun. Kittens are great, but we’ve had a few settling in issues. Hopefully this will pass, she is just a baby at two and a half months so I am giving her time.  

I plan to get out for a couple more runs before the end of the month including one good mountain climb! Fingers crossed. 

Just finished book 35 and will post about it today or tomorrow. It’s a really fun read, a nail biting murder mystery set in San Antonio Tx and written by a friend of mine! 

I hope everybody’s having a great weekend, I know quite a few have races planned for today so good luck to all of you!! ☺


12 thoughts on “Run Ninety One

  1. Sorry to read about aunt Betty.

    Sending love to your adorable kitten! Tip: once she has trained you well enough and you finally play with her and feed her when she pleases, it gets easier. Just be glad she still let’s you sleep on her bed.

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  2. The loss of your aunt is very sad but I’m sure she would encourage you in remembering her misdeeds.
    Koko is, as you say, still very young and things will settle. But did anyone tell you that cats don’t have owners – they have staff.

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  3. Hi Benjamin, I am sorry to learn about Aunt Betty. Nobody will ever replace her but… life must continue. May Aunt Betty Rest in Peace. It is a Blessing we can enjoy memories of loved ones… The photos of the countryside are indeed beautiful – it must be bliss running next to the river with mountains in the distance. Enjoy your new kitten and enjoy your running. By the way I try to do a 1 hour workout every day (I try to!!), I do a 10K run on Sundays and a 4 – 5 hours hike once a month. Take care.

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