Run Ninety Three 

New picture!!

Looking up at the mountain from my place. You can see we went along a path above the tree lined. 

I just had one the greatest and most harrowing mountain runs ever and I have no pictures to share. Last night my phone fell out of my bag and landed on the tile flooring in the kitchen and apparently destroyed the lens. Didn’t realise it as the “selfie” side works fine.

Very sad about this. Anyway I went on this crazy adventure with mountain goat neighbor up a mountain that involved a rope at one point as it was so scary steep! 

Um yeah, I think you can kind of spot the scary part!!! But I put my big boy shoes on today and wasn’t going to let a little mountain get in the way! 😊 …and yeah that was a lot of climbing overall. I never had a head for heights but Thibault had mentioned this one passage as being spectacular and not to be missed. As he is an experienced climber I felt in security and was confident that I could do this. And I have no pictures! Ugh! 

These are the creatures that live where we climbed. The chamois. We could smell them at one point but didn’t spot them. 

Some hunters fastened a large salt lick to a great tree at some point for the animals. Again no picture. 

So here’s a picture of koko on a very rare down mode! 

Almost angelic there. Right now she is busy chasing her tail and alternatively clawing and biting me all over. Because that’s just what you do. 

Monthly numbers!!

Run: 142 km (88 miles)

Climb: 6,800 m (22,300 feet)

Biked: 275 km (170 miles)

I was hoping for more but as I was out of commission for a couple weeks it’s still pretty darn good.

The weather is sublime again today so that really added to the pleasure of being out. 

Happy Friday! Happy trails! 🏔


21 thoughts on “Run Ninety Three 

  1. Yikes, that looks a scary mountain – the incline is almost vertical! Not going to find me on that any time soon.
    Koko looks adorable in that picture. I hope your phone can be repaired.


  2. Sounds wonderful! And scary! And wow! I’m sorry you didn’t get any pictures… well, mostly for me because I’m missing out, lol! Do you think you’ll do the climb again?

    Koko looks so happy and content! The closer they get to the face (cheek to cheek), the more love! So sweet!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Epic adventure! My phone with the good cam broke as well …I have now a military grade outdoor phone. Can only take 4 photos and not install fancy apps due to storage limits, but I can throw it from a rock or drown it in the sea. Not sure I like the trade off!
    Koko is such a star!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’m not sure what I am going to do. Have to take everything in selfie mode or carry an old fashioned camera around my neck. That would be funny.
      Koko…i love her so much…but I am washing the bed sheets for the third time in a week due to “accidents??” 😦

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It was mountastic lol. And that is the mountain that you saw in a recent picture. The one that looks like it was dropped into place. I wish you could have seen the drop! Figure out the picture thing next time….and koko is a monster! Lol


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