Run Ninety Four

I love it when you head out with zero expectations and you end up smashing your best time. Exactly what happened today; another PB for a half marathon!! 

1:54:06. Stoked! Do they still say that, Stoked!? I don’t think I have ever actually used it in a sentence. So, yeah I shaved almost one minute on my previous best! 

I always seem to do an especially fast run after an especially difficult mountain run. Seems to be a winning combination! 

Celebratory beer! Well deserved I believe. I have drastically cut back on booze so as a rare treat it really hit the spot.

No post is complete without an appearance from the ferocious kitten Koko! 

13 thoughts on “Run Ninety Four

  1. Stoked is SO a kewl word *winks* I use stoked a lot, but could be my Cape Town (surfer) upbringing! its the BEST word! use away, i know what i means and how it feels!
    GREAT TIME! wow! and how gorgeous is your Koko!

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