Run Ninety Five 

Got some serious kilometers in today! Now that I have made it to a sub 2 hour half marathon twice, my next step is increasing the distance. I wanted to push a little bit further and ran 30k or about eighteen and a half miles. Speed wasn’t my main concern though I may have started off a bit too strong, always a problem 😂, should have kept my pace around 6:00 per km and saved some energy for the second half. Ah well, like I said it was all about distance this time!

The nice thing is that it got me a few kms beyond my regular path so I discovered some new trails that were really nice. 

Hardly saw any runners out there, very strange. The temperature was very nice with just enough sun to keep me warm so I expected to come cross hords of runners! 

I even discovered a tobacco farm along the way, there were several barns where the leaves were hanging to dry. I really detest smoking but oddly enough I always liked tobacco farms…go figure. No pictures, it was just off a difficult path and I was struggling through just trying to figure out where I was and when I could turn around to head back. 

So far for the month 52k run and 103k biked! Now if I can just find the ferocious one I will snap a quick picture!

That’s the “I am just up from a nap and do not want be bothered, human!” look.

Happy weekend everybody!

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