Run One oh One

OOhhh yeah! On a mountain craze this past week but more is better, right!? Oh yeah!! 

So basically I did the same run as last Friday with an extra 2km thrown in at the top for good measure, ‘cus ya know….mileage.

And a little extra climb too ‘cuz ya know mountain goat! 

I am not the fastest or the strongest out there by any stretch of the imagination (and if I have anything it’s imagination!) but I do throw my heart into it 110% and I can be stupidly competitive at times! So whenever I am shlepping up the mountain and I hear somebody approaching and planning to overtake me, I just have to kick it up a level and make them work for it. I know it’s stupid, I just can’t help it! The guy who tried to pass me on the first climb NEVER stood a chance. I heard him coming, glanced back over my shoulder, saw that I had at least 10 years on him and decided it was one of those do you feel lucky , punk? moments. Oh yeah, I pushed it and then pushed it some more and with each switch back I saw him falling back more and more. The simple pleasures, what can I say SMH…

At the peak, worn out, tired but happy! 

Nice fall colors setting in and a wonderfully peaceful trail up and down the mountain, through the woods with great views over the city. 

18kms with 1,200 meters climbed all in all a wonderful afternoon jaunt! 

Am I silly for being so competitive? Yeah, probably but hey I am not hurting anyone but myself! 

Happy weekend everybody! Enjoy your runs! 😊

18 thoughts on “Run One oh One

  1. Bloody hell… 1200m? Soon we will have get you a BenjaminMtnGoat super hero cape!!!! As long as you enjoy and keep having fun, who gives a damn what anyone else thinks… love it! Have a fab weekend! X

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  2. I yearn to be able to stay ahead of the competition! One day. But no, I’m not competitive at all 😉.
    I think you are amazing running those inclines, and making someone work hard to pass is how it should be. Isn’t it?

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