Run One Hundred Tw0

Wrapping up the month with a good run by the river, bit of a chill in the air when I started off but I soon warmed up as the early kilometers rolled by. 

Colors! Delightful! Plenty of leaves on the ground for me to kick in the air as I ran through the wooded areas! 

It really is a nice stretch along the river. Far enough from the road most of the time to not even notice it and it’s always a pleasure to see the water streaming by. 

Not a fast run today at all, turns out that pretending to be superman on the mountains on Friday kinda wore out my batteries today. Just glad I got out there and was able to smile most of the time!😊

Totals for the month: 

150k run / 93 miles

4,550 meters climbed / 14900 feet

400k  biked! / 248 miles 

Who are you running from silly human? 

Coming soon: She’s back! Meghan will be here with some book reviews and a BONUS!!!

Stay tuned! 😊

8 thoughts on “Run One Hundred Tw0

  1. Wow! This post had it all. You ‘slow down’ (half in 2+ hours ain’t slow in my book but I believe it feels like that for you), a new scenery (where did that river come from?), kicking leaves (my favorite hobby at the moment), the adorable Queen K and the promise of a post of the most in demand book and cutest book reviewer Meghan!

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    1. Life is good!!! I am a kid when it comes to kicking leaves!! Oh by the way…i noticed koko was doing something with my phone earlier…hmmm never know what she is up to!! Yay for Meghan yes can’t wait for that 😊😊😊

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