Run One Hundred Trois 

I did not set out to run 27k today. I did not set out to go for a four hour tour up and down so many mountain trails. At all. No, not the plan! But it just worked out that way and all I can say is wow, what an awesome run it was. I have some pictures but not many came out. ugh dang selfie mode.

The beautiful colors are definitely here as you can see! The mountains are just one great big masterpiece canvas waiting to be discovered. I think it’s called ephemiralisimo in technical terms!! 

And then there is grenoble proper hidden under a wonderful, um, blanket. ugh. No not Shanghai or Delhi, Grenoble with our nice clean air.

Fortunately I climbed well above the clouds and found sunshine and blue skies. I also spotted lots of animals. one honest to goodness mountain goat! cows! sheep! dogs! horses! and none of the pictures came out! 😦

Anyhoo the pretty tree pictures worked so I can smile about that! 😊

Autumn rust.

Along the cliffs with a nice drop on the other side.

How you make them there selfy photo graffs!? Like this? 

Anyway, a well spent bank holiday climbing around the mountains.

Oh, there’s a horsey! 

And the obligatory graph because seeing is believing! Yes, I 💛 mountains! 

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