Run One Hundred Five 

Very hard to get out there today, it was cold and wet and motivation was low but I managed a sort of shuffle along the river for 11k. Yesterday I helped some friends with a huge renovation project, walls were destroyed and about a ton and a half of debris was lugged down two flights of stairs, shoved into a van and unloaded at the municipal dump. There were several of us thank goodness, but it was still a lot of intense labor resulting in some bruises and lots of sore muscles. 

I am using that as my excuse for a very unspectacular run. Not even sharing my stats it was that off! 😊 

Ah well the next run will be better! To all my friends in the US following this most mind boggling election in history: hang in there, it’s almost over! 

11 thoughts on “Run One Hundred Five 

  1. Kudos Ben… i couldn’t haul my arse out this WHOLE weekend!!! first time EVER winter has me flummoxed!!! I just can’t do it… a bit worried but hopefully with all of you showing me the way, the bug will catch on!
    Well done babes! x

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