Run One Hundred Six

Nice view of the snow capped mountains! The air was fresh with temperatures around 4°C so the snow should hold for awhile, I like the white stuff as long as it stays up there and doesn’t hit us in the valley.

A decent 20k run in  just over two hours, wasn’t looking to push it hard today really needed to get out. Not sure what happened this week but my motivation to do anything beyond breathing was very low. Almost like the earth shifted off its axis. Very strange. 

Koko asked me to post this picture so she could share her anxiety about this particular situation. It’s OK I reassured her that we are far enough away from the shit storm that we should not be affected. 💩

Also very sad about the passing of Leonard Cohen, if you haven’t checked out his last album give it a listen I think it’s brilliant. 


12 thoughts on “Run One Hundred Six

  1. That meme is hilarious! Yes, it was a very strange week last week, election and all, then needing to stay off social media to stay away from the hate mongers. Oh wait! I just realized! It’s the effect of the super-super moon!! Crazy stuff goes on during the full moon, so now super-super crazy stuff is going on! I sure hope the mothership makes her rounds soon, 😀
    Regardless, very nice run! Give Koko a hug for me!

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  2. We had the first snow last week too. My mojo has deserted me but I’m not feeling very well so that’s to be expected. Your run is impressive for someone who wasn’t enthused.
    We are mourning Leonard here too. He will be missed but we will continue to enjoy his work for a long time.

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    1. I seem to like winter less and less with each passing year! Need to move somewhere tropical but without creepy crawly bugs.
      Spent a good part of the weekend listening to his last album, really like it….


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