First mountain run of ’17 

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s up the mountain I go!! The first climb of the new year, not sure how symbolic it is, but it’s important to get it into the win column as quickly as possible and to keep moving. It felt great even without much sun and a chilly 1°C, you warm up fast as you pound your feet up the gravely path.

Just shy of 700 meters, not bad at all! Planning to do another run up on Wednesday. 

Brrr….but happy.

Just a slice of sun and blue peeking through the clouds. I’ll take it! Totalled 12k with a round trip from my office to the point where I took that picture. Not so many people on the trail on a Monday afternoon but one guy was stuck to me like glue for the first couple kms up the hill. I kept thinking he was going to overtake me so naturally I wanted to make it as hard for him as possible!! Not sure what happened but at some point he just dropped off. And I should add that I totally had the post December jiggle going on, lol I could feel the extra 2 or 3 pounds of belly flopping up and down, so he must been in even worse shape than me! At least I keep myself amused, all the different voices in my head telling me to go full steam ahead! 

Anyway, let’s end this with a nice poem I read just the other day by Mary Oliver. The spacing is a little off, I cut and pasted it but it doesn’t quite line up. In any case, it’s a beautiful piece
Robert Schumann.

Hardly a day passes I don’t think of him in the asylum: younger 

than I am now, trudging the long road down 
through madness toward death. 
Everywhere in this world his music explodes out of itself, as he 

could not. And now I understand 
something so frightening, and wonderful– 

how the mind clings to the road it knows, rushing 
through crossroads, sticking 

like lint to the familiar. So!

Hardly a day passes I don’t 

think of him: nineteen, say, and it is 
spring in Germany 
and he has just met a girl named Clara. He turns the corner, 
he scrapes the dirt from his soles, 

he runs up the dark staircase, humming.
-Mary Oliver. 
Thanks for reading.

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