First snow run ’17 & a poem

We got our first real snow of the season yesterday and I was psyched to get out and run up the mountain in the white stuff! Woot! -1°C when I headed out around 1 o’clock but again you warm up quickly as you’re going up hill.

Same goofy selfie in the same spot as Monday but with la neige! ❄ Same distance of 12k and I made sure to add just enough extra footsteps up to pass the 700 meters climbed this time. I was 5 minutes slower than Monday as I didn’t have anyone riding my bumper! Lol 

I thought I would share an original poem today. As I was running through the snow noticing the footprints it reminded of this piece I wrote a couple years ago. 

On stilts 

The baby giraffe
        Stretches its neck
Looking lovingly into

Mamma’s brown eyes
Unsure what to do next,

As the soft whistle of
An early morning

Pushes through the

Bending trees &
A car horn sounds just 

Beyond the zoo walls;
Footprints begin to form

In the sand 


                First one, than another
In pairs now 
Carefully, carefully 

Like turning pages
Between moistened finger

And thumb. 
Benjamin Peach.

Have a great week everybody and if you’re in the northern part of the world stay bundled up and warm!! 

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