Sunday snowy 20 & a poem

Brisk! -3C° fun in the snow run. A little bit of slipping and sliding as I got through my neighbourhood, the sidewalks were dangerously icy but once I got to the main road conditions were much better. 

Some friends came over last night for raclette which is a favourite winter staple around here. It’s fabulous and fattening! So my 20k run today was not an option. 

It looks something like that. Basically you melt cheese in the little Teflon dishes and pour it over potatoes you can add other things as well. We had peppers, mushrooms, onion and an assortment of charcuterie. It was delicious!! Great winter mountain food, not to forget fondue and tartiflette also popular dishes in our region. 

So, run I did!

Some great landscapes to admire as I skipped along! 

Got home after two hours of traipsing through the cold and snow and had a SERIOUS case of runger. I am usually ok after a run with a drink and a little snack but not today! Oh my, I saw all the leftovers and thought….hmm…peppers, onion, mushrooms and potatoes would make an awesome omelette! Yes. Yes indeed. But after I had a banana, 3 clementines, two slices of bread with jam and two chocolate chip cookies and an extra piece of chocolate!!!! What the hell??? Famished! Hungry like a wolf! 

Ah well, food is good and I feel great so it’s a good day! Here’s a poem that caught my eye as I was skimming through the best american poetry of 2016 and thought it  nice to take my mind off the cold.

we drive home from the lake, sand in our shoes

Keetje Kuipers

the dart of fish faint at our ankles, each
shuttered BBQ shack a kudzu flash

in my side mirror. Pleasure has become 
the itch of a mosquito bite between

my shoulders, and your rough thumb on my thigh
a tickle gentle as turtles bobbing

in Sea-Doo oil slick and cellophane scraps. 
How many years did I suffer the loves

that gave too much freedom and not enough 
tenderness? Let me be like the man we

saw outside of Notasulga, hands cuffed
behind his back, cigarette in his mouth,

and you be the sheriff, leaning in close,
cupping the sweet flame to my waiting face.

Nice, eh? Great imagery. So, that’s me for this weekend have a great whatever’s left!! 

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