Birthday run! Birthday croissants! Birthday pastries! Pics! Poem! 

​For the first time in over a month the temperature has gone above freezing, about 8°C I almost could have worn shorts! As most of the ground is still covered in snow I thought it would have been weird though. I biked to and from my starting point (a good 5 or 6 k) and had a nice flat 15k run on a not too slippy path.

Some parts were clearer than others and this was at about my half way point.

Kept my ears warm! 

As it’s my birthday I SPLURGED on some yummy extravagances:

Two croissants for breakfast! You know what makes a croissant great!? It’s simple. BUTTER. Lots of it! These were fab! (Yes I ate both).

Foodie picture mode.

Potatoes, bacon, cheese and three farm fresh eggs! Yeah I was rungry. 


‘Cause ya gotta have a little chateauneuf du pape on your birthday!


And coming up in a few minutes with a cup of tea…

OK, I am only going to eat one (for now)

And I owe you a poem!

Looking for work.

I’ve always wanted brook trout
for breakfast.

Suddenly, I find a new path
to the waterfall.

I begin to hurry.
Wake up,

my wife says,
you’re dreaming.

But when I try to rise,
the house tilts.

Who’s dreaming?
It’s noon, she says.

My new shoes wait by the door.
They are gleaming.

-Raymond Carver. 

Have a great weekend everybody! 🏃

14 thoughts on “Birthday run! Birthday croissants! Birthday pastries! Pics! Poem! 

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Hope the year is epic and then some for you!!!

    Omg yummy nosh!!!! 😉 I always buy hubby CNduP for HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! It’s a tradition…. and I get a good wooded Chardonnay for mine!!!!
    Enjoy enjoy! Fab run too xxx

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