Monday mountain run! Snowy views of town! &darn it Pa, I miss you somethin fierce on this your birthday!

FINALLY! UP! THE! MOUNTAIN! Oh what a pleasure it was knowing that the temperature was well above freezing three days in a row and that means the ice has (almost) melted. In any case it melted enough for me to get up and down the path with my dignity intact. There was one hilarious moment going downhill when I did NOT have control of my feet and I just laughed hysterically not knowing if I would slide into the trees, fall on my delicate posterior end or plow into people like a bowling ball. I survived. There were no witnesses! 

I ran just over 12 k which got me within spitting range of my 160k goal for the month! That’s a win!! However, my climbing goal is 5000 meters minimum per month. Ugh, dang ice everywhere thwarted me and I only reached about 3400. I will make up the difference in February! 

Definitely got my mountain buzz for the day! 

My father’s birthday is today and it’s always a rough one for me. It’s been twenty years since he rode off into the sunset and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. 

I love this grainy old picture of him at 20.

And my last known picture of him on my wedding day less than a year before he passed. Irish much!? ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

So, today’s poem is a tribute I wrote for him some years back.

My old man
Squatted beside me

In the grass. 
He was smoking

His pipe        

And smiling


Unable to speak

Clearly since his stroke,

Replacing words with

Laughter and titling

His head to the side

As if to say

Heโ€™d just  

Passed that word

Going the other way.
We laughed a lot,

My dad and I,

As I painted his

Basement door

And moved empty

Paint buckets and 

Cans of beer from

One corner of the

Room to another

Wishing time would

Stand still.
When I had finished

Sweeping the floor

And fiddling with

Mason jars filled

With nuts and bolts

He put his rough

Labor worn hand

On my shoulder and

Said, โ€œweโ€™re alright, ainโ€™t we mister?โ€

I had to smile as I looked

Into his pale blue eyes

And nodded.

-Benjamin Peach. 

My dad always called me “mister” it was his nickname for me. I am going to grab a beer from the “ice box” now and toast him appropriately. Love you dad.

Thanks as always for reading. 


9 thoughts on “Monday mountain run! Snowy views of town! &darn it Pa, I miss you somethin fierce on this your birthday!

  1. We always imagine dads will always be there so it’s sad to find they aren’t. I miss mine frequently (always a practical man who encouraged me in my non ladylike habits and convinced me I could do whatever I really worked at). The poem is a great tribute to your dad.
    Well done on getting any running and elevation in January as the conditions were more ‘stay at home and stroke the cat’!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Kim I am glad you liked the poem. They do seem invincible and all knowing when we are kids! Very happy that your dad encouraged you it makes such a difference in our lives when we have support from family (and friends).


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