Two runs! Sleeping beauty! New favorite hot beverage! Poem!

No work today, not a good thing but at least I got myself out for good run. Temperatures are much better these days, around 5°C (40F?) and no more snow or ice on the ground. Yay for that! Wasn’t sure how far I could push myself but by the time I reached the halfway mark for 15k I was ready to turn around. No particular difficulties just didn’t feel inclined to do more. 1h31 total.

A couple days ago I did some hill sprint intervals! So much fun (alt fact)!!

It made for a strange looking graph and as it was around rush hour my little neighbourhood was a little more congested than I like. Not the best time to look like a foolish middle aged man running madly up and down a hill! 😆

So, my new favourite hot beverage!! 

Hot chocolate with a heaping spoon of peanut butter!!! OMG so good! Why did it take me half a century to discover this!? I use almond milk as opposed to the moo juice and the pb I use doesn’t have added sugar (not trying to sound preachy) and the cocoa is organic so it all combines to a fabulous, delicious  and healthy drink! Thanks to the hangry runner for sharing 💛. 

I mean seriously folks, how cute is that!? So much love and purrs!!!!! 💛💛💛

In my continuing effort to share my love of poetry with you here is a wonderful piece by Yusef Komunyakaa.


When I was a boy, he says, the sky began burning,

& someone ran knocking on our door

one night. The house became birds

in the eaves too low for a boy’s ears.

I heard a girl talking, but they weren’t words.

I knew one good thing: a girl

was somewhere in our house,

speaking slow as a sailor’s parrot.

I glimpsed Alice in Wonderland.

Her voice smelled like an orange,

though I’d never peeled an orange.

I knocked on the walls, in a circle.

The voice was almost America.

My ears plucked a word out of the air.

She said, Friend. I eased open the door

hidden behind overcoats in a closet.

The young woman was smiling at me.

She was teaching herself a language

to take her far, far away,

& she taught me a word each day to keep secret.

But one night I woke to other voices in the house.

A commotion downstairs & a pleading.

There are promises made at night

that turn into stones at daybreak.

From my window, I saw the stars

burning in the river brighter than a big

celebration. I waited for her return,

with my hands over my mouth.

I can’t say her name, because it was

dangerous in our house so close to the water.

Was she a boy’s make-believe friend

or a beehive breathing inside the walls?

Years later my aunts said two German soldiers

shot the girl one night beside the Vistula.

This is how I learned your language.

It was long ago. It was springtime.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!! 


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