Sub 2hr 21k! Approving cat! Feeling jazzy!

What an awesome run this turned out to be! The sun was out, temperatures up and my legs were on fire! It’s funny how sometimes you can tell from the very bigging of a run that you are going cloud skipping vs plodding through wet cement. I wore shorts for the first time of the year (imagine those sexy legs) and I think that extra bit of freedom helped with the speed. There was a pretty bad head wind the last 4 or 5 kms that slowed me down but I managed a mad sprint in the last half a kilometer to come in under 2 hours by the skin of my teeth. 

Yes, Koko is impressed! This morning I was trying to sleep in a little when out of the blue she stealthily hoped up on the bed and smacked me on the nose!!! As hard as she could but thankfully without claws. It was her way of telling me get up and get running! Really she just wanted to play…

So here is my best jazzy poem to share with you. It’s been published a couple of times over the years  (in the minor press of course).

On jazz

        the sounds I love to hear,

late at night…the radio on & the soul

kicked back.

         the notes hanging in the air

floating down just-so-fine.

          and Ella Fitzgerald; um-ah,

the voice of a goddess, breaking through

otherwise stagnant waves like the shrill

scream of ecstasy.

           a saxophonist, on the improv,

breaks away…not stealing, but carrying

the lyrics away on a feather bed.

            instruments talking where voices

fail, and moments later a voice picks up

in an instrument’s beat.

             the harmonious coexistence of theory

and fact, blending moods with ease and beauty

to produce a roar, a cry, a crash/bang/boom/roll…

for us mortals to admire.

-Benjamin Peach. 

That’s it for me, have a great weekend and see you on the mountains next week!!


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