Mountain fun run! Wet paint! 

Monday mountain day!! Here’s my favourite graph, I post it whenever I do this double loop because everybody gets a chuckle out it. 

To me it’s just a couple of peaks on a mountain but some people see something else in it. 😉 Anyway, 14 or so kms with 667 meters climb makes for a happy but tired runner. Perfect weather at midday, just enough sun to stay warm but not too much.

On the way up there is a passage with some steps that can’t be avoided, fortunately there is a nice hand rail to give a little support and today some workers were painting. I saw the sign on the way up “caution: wet paint” well, it was more like “eh, le caution! Ze paint she eez wet” or some such thing in french. By the time I made my way down I had completely forgotten about it!

Fortunately, ze paint eet was a leetle dry and I didn’t completely ruin their work. So ashamed!  

Planning on another mountain run for Wednesday!!

Today’s poem, because well I am so smooth…

American Smooth

We were dancing—it must have

been a foxtrot or a waltz,

something romantic but

requiring restraint,

rise and fall, precise

execution as we moved

into the next song without

stopping, two chests heaving

above a seven-league

stride—such perfect agony,

one learns to smile through,

ecstatic mimicry

being the sine qua non

of American Smooth.

And because I was distracted

by the effort of

keeping my frame

(the leftward lean, head turned

just enough to gaze out

past your ear and always

smiling, smiling),

I didn’t notice

how still you’d become until

we had done it

(for two measures?

four?)—achieved flight,

that swift and serene


before the earth

remembered who we were

and brought us down.

13 thoughts on “Mountain fun run! Wet paint! 

  1. Not too much paint! You reminded me of an occasion where I put a hand on a newly painted section of a boat after a dive trip. I wasn’t popular and needed special treatment to get all the paint off my hand before I transferred it anywhere. Easily done….

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