Super mountain run!  Beer! Poem! 

Oh my goodness, I love my mountain runs!! Today was perfect in terms of weather, free time and my legs felt great to boot! 

I added a third loop to Monday’s run to make a different graph.

Each time I completed a loop I said “one more!” of course after three it’s a good idea to head back (or suffer the consequences). 17k with 780 meters in about 2h10. Feeling good!!! 

My rehydration plan today is beer, hot chocolate just wasn’t going to cut it.

And today’s poetry selection from one of my favorite contemporary poets George Bilgere. I have had the pleasure of hearing him read at the library of Congress on two or three occasions and own three of his collections. Enjoy!!

Corned Beef and Cabbage

I can see her in the kitchen,   

Cooking up, for the hundredth time,   

A little something from her   

Limited Midwestern repertoire.   

Cigarette going in the ashtray,   

The red wine pulsing in its glass,   

A warning light meaning   

Everything was simmering   

Just below the steel lid   

Of her smile, as she boiled   

The beef into submission,   

Chopped her way   

Through the vegetable kingdom   

With the broken-handled knife   

I use tonight, feeling her   

Anger rising from the dark   

Chambers of the head   

Of cabbage I slice through,   

Missing her, wanting   

To chew things over   

With my mother again.


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