21k slog! Attack of the thorn bush! Hot chocolate, eh!? Poem.

Let’s start with the good part. I am home, showered, and sitting in my comfy chair watching Dr Who. I have also made my yummy hot chocolate with peanut butter a la Canadienne  because everything tastes better with maple syrup, RIGHT!? 

I had some in the cupboard and thought why not add a little sweetness to my afternoon. 

So, this run…yeah I managed to complete it because well I am a stubborn old man.

10 minutes more than last week ohlala! So, what happened? Well…um…I was plodding along admiring the clear blue skies with a light skip to my step thinking all was well and wondering if I might make it another sub 2hr…when…um…something happened and I needed to get into and behind the bushes ASAP. Yeah, runners do poo in the woods, the added problem was that it hit so fast I had no choice as to where to go…hence the attack of the thorn bush!

Too much information! I know but I am laughing about it now. I wasn’t going to let a few scratches and a couple drops of blood stop me, so off I went.

The thorn bush attack was at the 6.75 mark and I thought I was clear after that until km 18 point something when I again had to leap off the path, oh my, and find another hiding place. Not the best run today to say the least. My legs were giving out by the end but I made it. I survived to run another day and as far as I could tell there were no witnesses.  

Big bowl of rice for lunch and one of those electrolyte sports drinks for added hydration. All should be well now. 

So it would be realy rude to attach a famous poem to this post, instead one of mine (Yes, another cat poem). 

Deep in the wood
Five minutes here

on top of the fence post,
old calico
bathing in the sun’s warmth

fighting the pain of an

abscessed tooth.  The hundred
acres behind you gone wild

from a long summer heavy

with rain.  Weeds tall enough
to loose yourself in hunting

mice, bull frogs, shadows of

moving creatures.
Deep in the wood, your house

abandoned and over run, windows

nailed shut from inside, creaks

in the wind.  Bramble spread

across the porch where you would lay,
your ear being scratched, human words

murmuring to you in a child’s voice

promising to love you forever.
Part of the roof collapsed

allowing rain in, not to mention

a whole herd of skunk. Floor boards

rotted, papered walls gone black

with mold, and a short generation’s

imprint lost.
You did what came natural 

and followed a well trod path through

the apple orchard, stopping

shy of the gravel driveway &
the clatter of life.

-Benjamin Peach. 


Have a wonderful weekend! See you in the mountains! 


26 thoughts on “21k slog! Attack of the thorn bush! Hot chocolate, eh!? Poem.

  1. Hot chocolate with peanut butter and maple syrup? It sounds healthy and def. delicious – will have to try some time. My hot chocolate? Cocoa, soya powder, whey powder, peanut butter and honey…Cheers,

    Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG OMG OMG nooooooo *lolololol* i’d DIE!
        I did an 6 day hike once, down the Fish River Canyon in Namibia… first night, we had ‘camp food’, soya based bolognaise… i didn’t know i was allergic… OMG the most HORRENDOUS few days followed… i ended up hiking in my knickers (fast removal) that was the WORST!


      2. yah, and there was NO WAY OUT… there is comms out there, NOTHING, what you carry in, you carry out… WILD and then some… it was a life changing experience! (in more ways than one *lol*)

        Liked by 2 people

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