Montagne mercredi! Le très big montagne! Poem!

I have no idea how I am going to pay my bills next month, but man alive am I loving all this mountain time I am getting in!! The cat likes having me around too! Who needs money!?

Today’s very big number: 892 meters climbed!! My goal for the month is 5,000 and I am centimetres away from it so no problem to reach. I only did 14 kilometers but as you can see on the graph it was pretty much straight up.

I also biked 10K or so getting to and from the starting point (if I add the time spent in the shower that’s almost a triathlon!!)

I tried to set up an action shot with my phone…have to work on my photo technique.

In my mind I look so much more fierce when running uphill, must be something wrong with the phone. 

Back home now enjoying the late afternoon rays, with a purr monster curled up on my lap, a cup of tea and a book of poetry. 

Today’s poem is another from Sylvia Plath  (who I like more and more as I get older). I was happy to find a poem about an owl that I wanted to share as one of my blog friends is a big time animal rescue hero and so I thought she might like this.


Clocks belled twelve. Main street showed otherwise
Than its suburb of woods : nimbus—-
Lit, but unpeopled, held its windows
Of wedding pastries,

Diamond rings, potted roses, fox-skins
Ruddy on the wax mannequins
In a glassed tableau of affluence.
From deep-sunk basements

What moved the pale, raptorial owl
Then, to squall above the level
Of streetlights and wires, its wall to wall
Wingspread in control

Of the ferrying currents, belly
Dense-feathered, fearfully soft to
Look upon? Rats’ teeth gut the city
Shaken by owl cry.


10 thoughts on “Montagne mercredi! Le très big montagne! Poem!

  1. Ohhh, the elegance and keen prowess of the owl. I can see it clearly. Love it!! So beautiful! And your action shot is fabulous!! I’m telling you… get that GoPro! You won’t regret it! After you start work again, of course!! 😀


    1. Aren’t they awesome creatures?? I was thinking about your post the other day about the wounded owl, I hope it was brought and is healing. Next month things should pick up with work, it just sucks that it is no consistent throughout the year.

      Liked by 1 person

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