Mountain! Might as well JUMP! Poem.

After my loooong two hour work day I decided I just needed to de stress and go for a run. Yes. Two hours. No. It’s not long. That’s sarcasm. But the run was purely awesome!! 

I got another 15k in with 600 meters climbed on some really technical passages as well, we got some rain so there was an added slippy factor to the mix.

OK soo, I’ve always wanted to take a cool jumping in the air picture like you see on pinterest or some such place. Yeah. I can hear a collective sigh from everybody whose come to know what a dork I am. It is NOT easy to do it with a timer. Yeah. Here is my dorky self, it was so pathetic I decided to make an animation of it to get the full dorkiness oh lala.

Oh yeah, I own it! Lol superman!!! 

Pretty cloudy today but I like the starkness of this tree with the mist behind it and the sun illuminating the scene adds an eariness  to the tableaux. 

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and I get to spend it with my uni students and they are a good bunch. Back for a longer flat run on Saturday. It’s all good!

A poem today from the great American poet Charles Bukowski. He was an incredibly productive writter, poetry, novels, short stories and of course the classic movie Barfly with Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway was based on his life. 
The House.

They are building a house
half a block down
and I sit up here
with the shades down
listening to the sounds,
the hammers pounding in nails,
thack thack thack thack,
and then I hear birds,
and thack thack thack,
and I go to bed,
I pull the covers to my throat;
they have been building this house
for a month, and soon it will have
its people…sleeping, eating,
loving, moving around,
but somehow
it is not right,
there seems a madness,
men walk on top with nails
in their mouths
and I read about Castro and Cuba,
and at night I walk by
and the ribs of the house show
and inside I can see cats walking
the way cats walk,
and then a boy rides by on a bicycle
and still the house is not done
and in the morning the men
will be back
walking around on the house
with their hammers,
and it seems people should not build houses
it seems people should not get married
it seems people should stop working
and sit in small rooms
on 2nd floors
under electric lights without shades;
it seems there is a lot to forget
and a lot not to do,
and in drugstores, markets, bars,
the people are tired, they do not want
to move, and I stand there at night
and look through this house and the
house does not want to be built;
through its sides I can see the purple hills
and the first lights of evening,
and it is cold
and I button my coat
and I stand there looking through the house
and the cats stop and look at me
until I am embarrased
and move North up the sidewalk
where I will buy
cigarettes and beer
and return to my room.


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