Mountain run! 

Too exhaustipated to write much. Went crazy on the mountains today. Had an hour and a half meeting with our CEO to talk about the shit we are in and when I got out of that I just had to run. Hard. Fast. Uphill. Downhill. 

Can’t believe I made exactly 800 meters on the nose! (Just over 15k) Looking at my splits and lining up the kms with the speed and kinda shaking my head. I should get super stressed out before mountain runs everytime lol. Didn’t stop to take any action shots, I might have dropped over and never gotten back up. 

Hoping for another run tomorrow but will have to see what my body says in the morning. 

Beer. Veggie burger.  Pasta mountain and early to bed. 

Peace and love. 

12 thoughts on “Mountain run! 

  1. It’s an angel lol! Sorry can’t stop interpreting your elevation charts. Running is the best to counteract those kind of emotions … Looks like you had a mountain of them to get rid off. Fantastic running. Hope rest clears up.

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      1. I definitely feel my legs today lol. I went through my running app and can’t find a faster time that I did that distance/climb in so that’s kinda cool. Now it’s just fingers crossed that business picks up at work.

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