Strolling up the mountain in t-shirt and shorts! More cat climbing! Poem.

It’s the halfway way point of the month and I am happy I got to get a run in today to blow past the 50% mark of my objectives. 

113k run (160 target) 3,600 meters climbed (5,000). Still working on my climbing deficit from January, should reach my first quarter target of 15,000 meters by end of month! Woot! 

Seriously beautiful out there today, like near 60Β°F / 20Β°C. So much easier to deal with than what is going on right now back in the north-east of US/Canada  (?) Looks like major snow storm. So glad I am not in that! 

Here is my graph for today!

806 meters! Rock’n’roll!! Some superman dude passed me at one point, but man did I make him work for it! πŸ˜† I heard him coming up behind me and he probably would have just gone right by but I can’t let that happen. It’s my mountain yeah, I know millions of people go up and down it all the time, but if you think you can fly by me you got another thing coming! I pushed as hard as I could and it took him…oh let’s just say a kilometer to pass me. It was probably less, but hey it’s my story and once he pulled away that was the last I saw of him because I was done. I calmed back down and settled into my normal routine and pranced  up and down the hills and through the woods like a smelly old mountain goat. 🐐 

Here’s my not quite a pirate picture, cat on the shoulder in place of a parrot! She stayed like that until she decided to jump a little higher.

Look at me human, I am on top of the door! Got to love her! πŸ’›πŸ’›

Anyway, I have dealt with the runger…Hard boiled egg with tomato sandwich, banana, carrot, liter of water and my favourite hot chocolate with a scoop of peanut butter! The Queen has curled up on my lap, the sky is blue, the Dave Brubeck quartet is jamming softly in the background and all seems well with the world (or at least my quiet little place in it).

Poem! OK this is more for kids, but I like anyway. 😊 Happy Wednesday!!

Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face

Be glad your nose is on your face, 

not pasted on some other place, 

for if it were where it is not, 

you might dislike your nose a lot. 

Imagine if your precious nose 

were sandwiched in between your toes, 

that clearly would not be a treat, 

for you’d be forced to smell your feet. 

Your nose would be a source of dread 

were it attached atop your head, 

it soon would drive you to despair, 

forever tickled by your hair. 

Within your ear, your nose would be 

an absolute catastrophe, 

for when you were obliged to sneeze, 

your brain would rattle from the breeze. 

Your nose, instead, through thick and thin, 

remains between your eyes and chin, 

not pasted on some other placeβ€” 

be glad your nose is on your face!


15 thoughts on “Strolling up the mountain in t-shirt and shorts! More cat climbing! Poem.

  1. Sometimes kids poems are the best and most fun!

    Great run, great graph! Three bumps this time! I’ll bet it felt good to give superman a run for his money!

    Koko… how sweet! It’s fun to have a cat for a bird! But beware… I had a cat who loved to be on my shoulders, and it got to the point where if he wanted to be up there, he’d jump for it no matter what I was doing. But if he couldn’t hang on properly and was about to fall, the claws came out. Much blood was shed, πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it’s becoming a problem as she sometimes jumps up when I don’t even realise she is there. And as the weather warms up a simple t-shirt is not much protection from lion claws!! 🦁 and yeah, it was great making superman pay!! Lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OWN THE MOUNTAIN!!! Take that so-called “Man of Steel”. Yes the weather certainly does look nicer there although we didn’t get hit too hard here in southern Ontario but it is still re-bloody-diculously cold. Koko cracks me up.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. When I was moving with my cats, they were howling up a storm until Bob Marley’s “Jammin'” came on the radio. They were quiet until the song was over and then they started up again. So I totally understand them being music critics.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Just Spotify for Maria Callas. Mine will wear the most peculiar look. I guess that is why I use my runs to listen to it and switch to Mozart during the day … omg I hope no-one reads how much my cats control me.

        Liked by 1 person

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